Qsub also offers HPC cloud services for those users seeking to utilize the on-demand offering to augment their internal capacity. Many businesses have in house clusters that meet their daily demand. Sometimes new projects or excess demand for short periods requires additional resources, new hardware, or different networking topologies than the in house cluster provides. In these instances, Qsub cloud services can be configured to handle that excess load. It can be utilized simply to run your current workload, or you can use it handle jobs requiring Infiniband or GPU support before investing in that functionality in house.
Key Advantages
● HPC cloud services offers a number of key benefits that enable customers to run HPC applications to meet critical research, design and business needs.
● Low Cost: Customers can eliminate the cost and complexity of procuring, configuring and operating HPC clusters with low, pay-as-you-go pricing. Further, you can optimize costs by leveraging one of several pricing models: On Demand, Reserved or Spot Instances.
● Scalability: You can add and remove compute resources to meet the size and time requirements for your workloads.
● Run Jobs Anytime, Anywhere: You can launch compute jobs using simple management tools and automate workflows for maximum efficiency and scalability. You can increase your speed of innovation by accessing compute resources in minutes instead of spending time in queues.