High performance computing (HPC) systems are a significant, ongoing investment for any company. Unfortunately, in most cases, it’s an underused resource and an asset with diminishing returns. Outsourcing your HPC infrastructure with Qsub HPC dedicated resources is an attractive alternative. Buy CPU time and get the support along with it.
If you need more processing power or results sooner, you need more servers. One option is to invest in computer hardware along with software, technical expertise, maintenance programs and facilities. A simpler choice – rent computational power when you need it and get the technical support along with it. Qsub HPC dedicated resources are specifically designed for scientific or technical software applications that require large amounts of computational power.
HPC dedicated resources
If you have unique requirements, a critical timeline, or just want a private dedicated HPC system, our dedicated resources is an ideal fit. We have the experience to customize a solution tailored for the needs of your organization. We’ll work with you to develop a system optimized for your software that allows you maximum flexibility.
Key Advantages
● Dedicated resources is built, maintained, and supported by qsub staff in our facility.

● Dedicated resources designed and configured to meet your needs.

● Production level service and custom application integration.

● Dedicated software engineering support from an experienced team

● Scale your system as needs grow or overflow workloads to qsub’s On Demand service

● Optional 24 hour support line

● Clear and fair SLAs.

● Secure located in Norway
Qsub HPC dedicate resources are designed around your application and needs. Choose a system with a number of options including:


● Intel based Compute Nodes

● Intel Phi and Nvidia GPU based Compute Nodes

● Networks such as 10GbE or Infiniband for the highest performing interconnect

● High Speed Lustre Parallel File Storage systems

● High throughput storage serversredundancy for reliability

● Managed head nodes and login servers

● VPN or dedicated connections

● Uninterruptible Power for continues uptime for critical servers