Does your organisation have its own HPC cluster, but insufficient capacity to meet the workload? Struggling with larger models or datasets? Or does it have a real business need for a powerful compute cluster, but is unable generate or justify the necessary investment?

Qsub`s service provides a highly scalable compute facility that can be accessed on a pay-as-you-go basis via the Internet. No concerns over data centre space, power, cooling, or in recruiting and retaining the skills to implement and maintain your own cluster. The service provides access to a state-of-the-art HP compute cluster with Infiniband interconnects, GPU nodes and high speed Lustre storage, to deliver a truly scalable, high performance computing resource. Users will be allocated their own area on the system and, via the scheduler, can place jobs onto the physical compute nodes of the system. Then simply monitor progress and download the results.

We offers consultation, design, implementation and system administration. Our experience and contacts enables us to offer stable production environments that invokes confidence with our customers. We use HPC software based on Linux in addition to powerful and flexible computer systems, this allows our customers to lead in their fields.

We offer customized HPC solutions tweaked for power, cooling and interconnect requirements. Custom software and programming environments, libraries and management and control systems. We approach customer needs on a individual basis to address application and infrastructure problems. Acceleration technologies that embrace FPGA, GPU and compilers to support them. Our datacenter is located in a secure location i Norway.